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Denim Wisteria Flowers Indigo Dye Wrapped flower
Golden Dreamland Absolutely Lucky Four-leaf Clover earrings
Denim Anemone Indigo Dye Wrapped flower
Denim Bell Orchid Indigo Dye Wrapped flower
Group Hollow Origami Butterflies
Denim Bats Leaves Indigo Dye Wrapped flower
Orchid & Obsidian fringe tassel
Orchid & Obsidian
Warbling White Eyes
White snake & Green snake
Sweet honeybee
Gypsophila Cherry earrings
Sheet music earrings
Gemini baby of King penguins
Crystal rose shapes with sparrows
Jasmine with Morganite drop earrings
Lovely Leo with hollow leopard print
Pink Morgan & purple crystal Coral & Anemonefish
K14 pink opal & pearls
K14 gray moonstone & pearls
K14 Kyanite & pearls
Custom kids' jewelry
14k one piece hydrangea
14k red peony flowers
Round viola tricolor with prehnite drop beads
Jasmine with garnet or moonstone beads
Autumn leaves
Double butterflies with kyanite beads
Lace / Wedding jewelry black frame camellia drop earrings
Lace / Wedding jewelry black frame camellia
Carving sunflowers cufflinks
Carving snowflake cufflinks
Butterflies tribal
Fragrance jewelry lotus flowers hearts
Double buckle sakura with herkimer diamonds
Double butterflies with aquamarine beads
Olive color butterflies with tourmaline
Hollow origami butterflies pearls
Hollow origami double butterflies pearls
Baroque petal pearls
Lace / Wedding jewelry sunflowers
Poodles with pearls
Mosaic - autumn tiger with pearl beads
Beetles rhombus citrine
Orchid with gemstones
Cluster butterflies with white quartz rose
Butterflies with quartz rose
Cotton pearls - Gold
Autumn leaves with labradorite
14k butterflies with pearls
Dragonflies with quartz beads
Cluster butterflies
Blue birds and peony flowers
Calla lily with pink opal
Champagne gold and pink color hydrangea
Viola tricolor with prehnite
Viola tricolor with ladybugs
Morning pink flowers 2
Butterflies with Kyanite
Baby blue eyes butterflies with quartz rose
Under the bamboo of panda bears
Beautiful single camellia
Cotton pearls - Gold brown
Snow cherries
Colorful sakura with herkimer diamonds
Orchid with pearls
Lotus peony with fringe
Peony with fringe
Hydrangea with fringes
Spring snow ginkgo
Lotus peony with leaves
Lotus color peony flowers
Mosaic baby penguins
One piece hydrangea
Marshmallow sheep
Birds with peony flowers
Stars blueberry
Mallard ducks with flowers
Fortune comes with blooming peony flowers
Galaxy blueberry
Milk tea color sparrows
Morning pink flowers